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Andrew Scott serves USAO students - Baptist Messenger of Oklahoma

Lisa and Andrew Scott

Since 2017, Andrew Scott has served as Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM) director at University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma (USAO). In the past, he has led BCM student leaders on mission trips, including one in Chicago.

“We worked with an inner-city church, helping them with surveys,” Scott said about the Chicago experience “Through that, we talked with people and engaged them with the Gospel. We also helped with upkeep, cleaning, whatever.”

About 15 students participate in Monday small group Bible study, and 40 in Tuesday evening worship. Area churches help provide Wednesday lunch “Noonday” gatherings.

“We are connected with more than 100 students,” Scott said. The eight students who have emerged as potential leaders this school year receive one-on-one discipleship.

“We do a lot of relational evangelism: sports, movies, trips to the city,” Scott said. “We’re very involved on campus as well, helping with events or whatever. I try for us to step up as a way we can be a blessing to them.”

“After I graduated from college I reflected on college,” Scott said. “I missed college. College is where Americans and internationals come to open their minds to new things. It’s an age when people are trying to find themselves.

“Through BCM, we share the Gospel with them, and they take that Gospel back to their hometown or their country,” Scott said. “We disciple them. We train college students to be followers of Jesus no matter where they end up—as a doctor, in media, any career or the ministry. We train them to share the Gospel.”

Andrew and Lisa Scott have been married for three years.

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