DAVIS—The temperature wasn’t the only number that soared during one of the hottest summers to ever hit Oklahoma this year; a record number of campers—57,543—attended eight weeks of youth encampments at Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center.

This year’s total shattered the previous total registration mark of 54,990, which was established in 2008. Five of this summer’s youth weeks saw more than 7,000 campers registered, and three had in excess of 7,600 registered.

“It was a long hot eight weeks, but God was good, and He continued to pour out His Spirit at Falls Creek in a great and mighty way,” said Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma (BGCO) Conference Centers Director James Swain.

This year, there were 2,365 professions of faith, and 1,034 campers indicated that they were called to ministry/missions. There was a total of 6,583 decisions, far below the all-time high of 7,600 decisions recorded in 2007.

Last year, 2,032 professions of faith were recorded, with 1,074 called to ministry/missions, and 5,976 total decisions.

“I cannot express my gratitude enough to the Lord for His abundant blessings at the Creek! It was a remarkable summer. James Swain and his staff did a fantastic job making the facilities and operations side run smoothly,” said Anthony L. Jordan, BGCO executive director-treasurer. “This was one of the best customer friendly staffs I have seen at Falls Creek.

“Also, I do not have words to adequately compliment Andy Harrison, Norman Flowers and Todd Sanders for the creative and powerfully spiritual programing they put together this summer. It was clear that there was a fresh anointing from above on musicians, teachers and preachers.”

Scott Phillips, BGCO Church and Family Equipping Team leader with oversight of the Convention’s campgrounds and conference centers, added, “By virtually all measures, 2011 was the biggest year we’ve experienced at Falls Creek. Decisions for Christ, attendance and the temperature all reached new records. It is a joy to interact with our service-oriented leadership and staff team. God has blessed Falls Creek with exceptional leadership. The summer team was one of the best ever, and our year-round staff, led by James Swain, has set a very high standard for hospitality.”

Andy Harrison, BGCO student ministry specialist and Falls Creek program director, said while the heat may have affected the people who attended camp this summer, the Creator who made it all honored the prayers of those who lifted the camp up before the thermometers began to rise.

“This was a tremendous summer at Falls Creek,” Harrison asserted. “For all that changes from year to year at Falls Creek, that which remains unchanged is the movement of God. He was once again so faithful to call many students into relationship with Himself and into vocational ministry.

“I believe much of the success of Falls Creek was due to the faithful prayers of Oklahoma Baptists on behalf of the students and leaders who attended. We expanded our prayer guide to 60 days this year, and God certainly responded to the prayers of His people with overwhelming blessings. I couldn’t be more pleased with camp this summer.”